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5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Prepare to “Blast Off” under the big top in 2024!

Watch camels & acrobats galivant through the galaxy with horses, poodles, aerialists, llamas & clowns. Artists defy gravity with an upside down act… sure to amaze. Step aside NASA, not since the moon landing have we witnessed so much awe and wonder! Get your boarding pass because Mission Control is ready to launch you to soaring new adventures.

You’re invited to celebrate a new frontier! 2024 is our 65th Anniversary… to infinity and beyond!

Join our campy cosmic cavalcade of family fun under the big top!



May 17 – Sep 1, 2024
from 9 am to 4 pm

Big Top

Performances at

11 AM

2:30 PM


performance season

Adults (18-64): $23
Teens (13-17): $23
Senior (65+): $20
Child (5-12): $15
Children under 5: FREE

Wisconsin Historical Society members receive free admission.

More Performances

Milky Way Musical Revue

Join the fun as we course the galaxy with our new, milky way musical variety show! 

Hoop and holler along as the cast shakes, rattles, cranks and honks on a crazy, colorful collection of mesmerizing music makers; blended with captivating comedy and vibrant variety artistry.

Not since the Star Wars Cantina has such musical mayhem been seen! Performed by Dave SaLoutos and Musical Director Larry Stout, complete with the melodic mischief of Chase Culp, with his comedic turns and musical mayhem. Our host will be that Zany, Zestful Zion of Zippy: Richie Zsilak.

Music is fundamental to the circus… accentuating the action taking place in the ring. Guests can also enjoy the mechanical music of four restored band organs including the North Tonawanda that accompanies every ride on the carousel, the massive Royal American Show Gavioli in concert following the guided wagon tour, a Wurlitzer 165 in the Wagon Restoration Center, and a smaller Gavioli in “Caught In The Act” located in the Irvin Feld Exhibit Hall.

Kids World Circus

The Ringling brothers began their circus adventure when they were kids; giving shows in their backyard. That legacy continues today with Kids World Interactive Circus, where kids, (especially the younger ones), create their own circus, much as the Ringlings did 150 years before.

In Kids World Circus, kids play the parts of performers and animals in a fun big top production that is always unique and full of surprises.

Taking place in the Hippodrome once each day during the summer; you’ll discover that whether you’re a participant or part of the audience, Kids World Circus is tons of fun for everyone!

Zenith – Our Human Cannonball Spectacular

Have you ever wondered how far and high a human can fly, or how many feet will our human cannonball soar during her flight?

Learn the answers to these questions and more from our fearless flyer – Tina Miser, the matriarch of America’s first family of flight. As one of only two female human cannonballs in North America today (her daughter Skylar is currently soaring on Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey), Tina will share all that goes into her stratospheric flight.

Taking place once a day, on the Green, weather dependent, during the summer of 2024!

Animal Partners

In our performances and on our grounds, you will come across many of Circus World’s animal partners, including ponies, llamas, horses, dogs and camels. Camel and pony rides will also be offered at specific times for short intervals during our summer performance season.

Our animals are respected and revered members of the Circus World family. They help tell the story of the American circus as children of all ages observe the animals and human entertainers performing side-by-side in harmony.

Circus World believes that positive, healthy environments are vital for our animal partners. The animals are fed, watered, groomed and cleaned daily, where the public can view the care we offer the animals for themselves. All of the animals have access to the area’s best veterinary care and receive monthly vet inspections. Each fall the manure is offered to area farmers and home gardeners. Animals are onsite during our summer performance season only.

A donation to Circus World that supports the care of our animals is greatly appreciated.